$GOGO Token Fair Launch Auction (LBP) Announcement

5 min readDec 6, 2021


New to GOGOcoin? We are the doorway to DeFi for users to break free from the restraints of centralized finance and join the new financial order. GOGOcoin combines interfaces with a user-centric approach while building on the strengths of decentralized infrastructure. We’re offering a frictionless user experience powered by awesome invisible tech that includes on-chain automation, simple one-click interactions for DeFi, and advanced security via NFT Smart Vaults. GOGOcoin is constructing the most user-friendly open source DeFi protocol for asset management and savings. GOGOcoin will be the first DeFi protocol to offer segregated funds on-chain. We believe DeFi should be for everyone regardless of their personal background or technological abilities.

Exciting times fellow GOGOnauts — we’re now just one day away from our GOGO Token Fair Launch Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP), December 7th at 6 pm UTC on Polygon X Copper Launch!


At 6 pm UTC on December 7th go to our auction on Copper Launch.

You can also reach our auction via our website by clicking the BUY TOKEN button which will directly link to our auction on Copper Launch. During this event, you will be able to get your hands on freshly minted GOGO tokens on Polygon.

To participate check out our step-by-step guide to learn exactly what you need to do.

GOGOcoin Version 1.0 Launch

Once the GOGO Fair Launch Action is complete we will launch version 1.0 of our protocol where users will be able to farm GOGOs to receive rewards. This will also include an innovative drag and drop interface. In the next days, we will introduce single-sided governance staking of GOGOs. Shortly after the protocol as integrate a native ETH to Polygon bridge and NFT staking of CryptoGOGOs!

Key details

  • Token Ticker: GOGO
  • Start Date: 7th December 6 pm UTC
  • Platform: Copper Launch
  • Start price: approx $9.90
  • Initial GOGO: $GOGO 10,000,000
  • Initial USDC: $ 1,000,000
  • Start Weights: GOGO 99%: USDC, 1%
  • End Weights: GOGO, 50%: USDC, 50%
  • Network: Polygon (aka Matic Mainnet)
  • Accepted Payment: Matic, USDC, ETH & WETH on Polygon (aka Matic Mainnet)

LBP Infrastructure

GOGOcoin will utilize Copper Launch for our LBP. Copper is described as the “most open, transparent, and user-friendly way to participate in a Fair Launch Auction (FLA).” Fair Launch Auctions are simple crowdfunding mechanisms that enable projects, such as GOGOcoin, to provide token swap opportunities with minimal barriers to entry for participants.

The GOGOcoin LBP will consist of two assets: GOGO and USDC. While other tokens will be accepted for the swap, we recommend preparing USDC to exchange for GOGO to save on transaction fees.

What are the possible scenarios for price discovery of GOGO?

The scenarios below will demonstrate how the price discovery works in theory. It is unfeasible to determine the price movement of the $GOGO token ahead of time since the market decides its final price.

Note: The numbers mentioned below are hypothetical and are only meant to illustrate the price discovery mechanics of the LBP.

It is apparent that across all examples illustrated below, there is natural downward selling pressure on the price for the entirety of the pool due to down-moving weights over time. The incoming USDC will equalize this downward selling pressure into the pool.

Scenario 1: There is no inflow of USDC

If the pool initiates and no swaps are executed for the $GOGO token, the price will automatically begin to move downwards. This happens because there is no USDC inflow into the pool required to offset the movement. Here, the price might descend quickly.

Scenario 2: If there is a high USDC inflow, the swap for $GOGO tokens begins.

Since a good amount of USDC flows into the pool, at the start of the sale, the price will move upwards very quickly. Then, the shifting weights in the pools absorb the larger swaps causing the curve to flatten.

Scenario 3: Steady inflow of USDC to swap for $GOGO tokens

While the downward pressure will balance the sharp upward movement, resulting in the price oscillating closer to the market value. In this scenario, all participants acquire $GOGO at a similar price, thus ensuring an extremely fair distribution. Hence scenario 3 becomes the most ideal layout of this event.

Scenario 4: When there is a high USDC inflow at the end of the event.

High inflow at the end of the sale (likely due to participants waiting toward the end to swap) sharply increases the amount of USDC in the pool, causing the price of the GOGO token to rise.


Is registration required for LBP?

  • No. There is no registration to take part in the LBP. This is an open and permissionless process.

Will the LBP be on Polygon (Matic Network) or Ethereum?

  • GOGOcoin will utilize Copper Launch for the LBP. It will be on Polygon.

Can I pay in ETH, DAI, USDC? (i.e. will Copper UI switch it for me automatically?)

  • You may use whatever token you want that Copper allows (likely WETH, USDC, MATIC). However, MATIC will be required to pay for gas fees. USDC will be used in the Balancer Pool; if you choose to pay with another token you may incur additional fees.

Key Takeaway

It is not possible to estimate the performance or outcome of an LBP event ahead of time. However, we have left no page unturned to provide as many resources and illustrations as possible to help our GOGOnauts make calculated and safe decisions. Based on the mechanics of scenario 3 above, as well as based on battle-tested strategies, we do not advise buying GOGO tokens too early or too late into the event since this may cause an unfair distribution, causing some users to pay a premium in the event.

Research is your best ally, so we strongly urge our community to go through the resources that have been made readily available to you on our medium.

Next Steps

On December 7th at 6pm UTC head over to our website and click the BUY TOKEN button to be directed to our auction on Copper Launch.

Get familiar with the Copper website, go through their docs, and follow @CopperLaunch on Twitter for updates.

If you have any questions reach out to us on Telegram.

The #DeFiMadeEasy revolution is coming, don’t miss out!

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