GOGOcoin: Introducing the $GOGO Token Fair Launch on Polygon

Now you have the unique opportunity to participate!


  • The $GOGO Token Sale will happen on December 7th, 2021
  • There is no KYC for the copper launch.
  • We will announce the token sale details and how to participate in the LBP on Copper in a separate medium article in the next few days.
  • For more information make sure to sign up to our mailing list on our website: GOGOcoin.io
  • The GOGOcoin team will NEVER DM YOU FIRST over Telegram or via any other channels nor ever ask you for money. If anyone messages you claiming to be the GOGOcoin Team, please be very skeptical and stay cautious.
  • Only trust GOGOcoin’s official channels at the bottom of this announcement for information surrounding the token sale.

$GOGO Token Distribution

  • Total Supply: 100.000.000 $GOGO tokens
  • Maximum tokens in circulation after IDO: 20.000.000 $GOGO tokens (20% of the total supply)
  • The development of the GOGOcoin ecosystem over time.
  • Facilitation of a highly incentivized community.
  • Value creation for long-term token holders.
  • Bounties to reward community enthusiasm, support, and contribution.

GOGOcoin Fee Breakdown

Buyback and Burn

Liquidity Provision Strategy

NFT staking


Next steps

For the legal terms applicable to the token please visit: https://www.gogocoin.io/disclaimer



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