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The GOGO platform will provide you with revolutionary ONE-CLICK access to the universe of Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

By implementing a first-class user experience inherited from the best of web 2.0, GOGO will empower you with frictionless access to web 3.0 and lucrative passive income streams, which are presently only reserved for a small minority of highly technical users, leaving the average user with a lot of FOMO.

We will achieve this by building on our experience from building innovative best-in-class consumer-friendly Fintech products, in combination with our expertise in risk management, portfolio management, and crypto-economics.

At present, Fintech’s global adoption is at 64% versus only 3 million DeFi users. By leveraging the financial application of Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFTs) to create unique dedicated investment accounts (NFT Smart Vaults) and capitalizing on the exponential growth of DeFi, we intend to capture billions of dollars in value in our ecosystem.

We aim to mark the turning point for mass adoption of DeFi for users looking to earn fixed-rate interests or aim for higher passive returns, as banks, brokers, and wealth management firms scramble to cater to a new, crypto-heavy clientele. GOGO provides the perfect gateway to DeFi for anyone with internet access and FIAT money. By elegantly simplifying the user experience for universal usability, we provide seamless and highly secure access to the best opportunities DeFi has to offer while using one of the fastest, cheapest, and most environmentally friendly blockchains, POLYGON.

Centralized Finance’s BIG Upgrade

Coming from traditional finance (TradFi) we see it as an unsustainable world and we see DeFi as an exponentially expanding universe. With the advent of Fintech, technology has been the driving force behind the evolution of the financial sector. However, Fintech is built on the same foundations as traditional finance and is fundamentally limited and weakened by centralized intermediaries. This stifles further innovation and therefore limits the scope of progress. We believe the solution is to rebuild the foundations of the financial industry. Enter the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) revolution!

The Great Wealth Transfer and the Current Problems with DeFi

A recent CNBC survey found that the shift has already started to take place and a significant number of millennial millionaires already hold a large share of their wealth (> 50%) in crypto.

We believe that older generations will continue to rely upon antiquated brokers and financial institutions, while younger investors are starting to spark a trend in crypto-asset adoption.

We are experiencing a wealth shift and clearly, the importance of crypto to younger investors will massively impact the wealth management industry. DeFi will facilitate a large proportion of the asset management from this transfer of wealth as DeFi has the necessary attributes that young investors are looking for, namely transparency, cryptographic security, self-sovereignty, sustainability, and the opportunity for growth.

Although many OG’s and hoards of DeFi newcomers want to generate lucrative passive income streams by sustainably and securely yield farming or staking the DeFi sector is esoteric and fraught with risk. Scams, hacks, rug pulls, and amateur projects plague the ecosystem. Furthermore, clumsy and cumbersome UI and UX pose a severe barrier to mass adoption.

This is where we saw an opportunity to push Defi forward.

After speaking to hundreds of newcomers while doing extensive market and user research, we found the most prevalent questions were:

“What the hell is a Uniswap liquidity provider token?”

“How do you ensure that you don’t lose access to your assets?”

“Where can I put my BTC or ETH safely and receive some fixed return on them?”

“What is a wallet browser extension and how do I engage with the platform to invest my money.”

“Which protocols will provide the highest returns?”

“How do you keep track of the myriad of projects emerging daily?”

“How do you ensure a secure long-term investment with yield farming?”

Our Solution

Our goal is to onboard the next big wave of DeFi users by offering a straightforward, playful, and frictionless user experience.

GOGO makes DeFi easy! Why should you need anything more than a smartphone, credit card, and email address to participate in DeFi?

We see a future where DeFi protocols, blockchains, and NFTs are just invisible tech working their magic in the background while you engage with the Apps you love via simple gestures and gamification. That’s why even from the 1st version (V1) of our platform we’ve integrated a drag and drop interface, ensuring your staking and yield farming experience is a breeze.

Ok, so what is our solution all about?

Firstly, to benefit from our solution, you won’t even need to read a medium article such as this one, you won’t need to install a wallet such as Metamask, and you won’t have to spend weeks on DYOR (you’re free to do so of course).

Because we believe finance should be fully democratized for everyone, without the requirement for prior technical or financial knowledge.

Our user journey will look like this:

  1. Once you arrive at our website or open our mobile app, you will be able to change your fiat into crypto in a matter of seconds with our on-ramp.

2. With just one more step, you will be able to choose a low or medium risk strategy, if you are a long-term investor looking for a sustainable passive income facility, or you can select our dynamic risk vault, serving the FOMO crowd of ambitious yield hunters. Our strategies aim to serve the investor according to their risk/reward appetite:

Token composition of our vaults:

The low-risk vault allows the user investment in single staking, low volatility strategies averaging around 4% APYs.

The medium-risk vault offers a healthy proportion of staking strategies and leveraged stablecoin strategies.

The dynamic-risk vault balances advanced leveraged strategies with highly opportunistic yield strategies, serving the Degen risk appetite.

3. To start earning simply select your chosen vault with 1-click!
Now the real journey into the interwebs starts:

Within a few seconds, a virtual machine will be launched on a decentralized infrastructure that will automatically create a non-custodial wallet proxy that interacts with the blockchain on behalf of the user.

Keyless wallet proxy

A non-custodial Wallet Proxy is a new concept that unlocks the possibility of having a blockchain-centric product with world-class UX.

In essence, users will not need to understand anything about gas fees, MetaMask, etc.

All you need is a GOGO account, a credit card, and an internet connection in order to be able to participate. By also being censorship-resistant, we can’t take your assets and we can’t stop you from moving your assets either.

Wallet proxy private keys will be stored with maximum security encryption (256bit) and will be governed via an NFT based key that lives inside an on-chain encrypted Smart Vault. Users will be able to prove their key ownership via innovative web authentication flows on-chain, supporting time locks, social recovery, programmable permissions, keyless clients, and additional security traits used by best-in-class apps and wallets such as Argent or 1-Wallet.

Every interaction (Staking/Unstaking/Zapping..etc) will go through the wallet proxy before it hits our smart contracts to hide the underlying blockchain complexity.

The smart contract executes a near gas-less transaction and deploys the funds according to your preferred Vault that you have chosen earlier. Those funds will lie in a segregated fund and are not being pooled with other funds, governed by the smart contract that is interacting back and forth with just your wallet.

(Also by being non-custodial no network, software, developers, government or even GOGOcoin can control your fund.)

All this happens in the background in a matter of seconds WITHOUT ANY USER INTERACTION required, so you can sit back and see your journey into web3 and DeFi happening as if magic is at play… Truly invisible tech.

And the best part: If you want to withdraw your funds, you can do so anytime! Our smart contracts make sure that your funds will be safely withdrawn from your vault and straight back into your bank account or credit card!

One of our core beliefs is that you deserve the clarity and information that you need to help you feel secure with your personal DeFi investments. With our easy-to-use analytics dashboard, we provide you with elegant data visualizations and digestible information so that you can fully understand the dynamics of your investment portfolio.

What’s our advantage over our competition you ask (thank you Yearn for inspiring us)

It’s not about total value locked. It’s not about APY returns. It’s the ability to build the most cutting-edge products, that are more secure and perform better than anything else on the market.

Just plain, simple, passive income through crypto/DeFi with one of the most sophisticated underlying tech stacks in the background (but we are going to let others be the judge of that).

Our Smart Vault Solution to Liquidity Mining

Our technology has the ability and flexibility to efficiently and securely manage truly segregated funds unlike any other services in traditional finance or DeFi. In reality, financial institutions and current DeFi protocols operate single accounts with capital, despite the appearance that your savings account is an entity in itself. Using our NFT Smart Vaults means that your investment is YOUR investment. Your assets are not pooled together with everybody else’s. This allows for a more sophisticated and dynamic approach to asset management. For those that wish to fully control the complex strategies of their investment portfolio, we empower highly experienced users with our DEGEN mode. GOGOcoin is for everyone, from crypto-newbies to DEGENs.

The Road Ahead

⏳ GOGO-Token launch and audit certified.

⏳ V1 staking/liquidity farm on POLYGON & NFT bridge from ETH to POLYGON

⏳ Exclusive NFT staking feature for CryptoGoGo NFT holders, that will be incentivized to collect the necessary NFTs and get farm/staking rewards based on the rarities.

⏳ Yield optimization farms for top coins (wBTC, ETH etc.) to earn interest on.

⏳ 1st Governance proposal based on the governance tokens.

⏳ V2 staking/liquidity farm launch.

⏳ Quarterly earning’s report, similar to Yearns.

⏳ Shift the user experience (UX) to mobile-first and launch native app

⏳ Lending and borrowing feature in collaboration with a trusted partner using our $GOGO token.

⏳ NFT Smart Vault and V3 staking/liquidity farm launch.

⏳ Official (crypto) asset management license in Zug, Switzerland.

⏳ NFT play-2-earn game based on CryptoGogo storyline (developed by 3rd party).

⏳ Centralized exchange (CEX) listing(s)

Our Background

The Team

To support our team, we are looking to bring in DeFi heavyweights that have been building world-class protocols as well as marketers and strategists that are true CT OG’s. Watch out for our upcoming announcements.

Sounds intriguing?

Join the Revolution! Keep an eye out for our next post in which we will release our roadmap that will include our upcoming token sale, cooperation announcements with top-of-class protocols, the different farming/staking possibilities that the GOGO will offer up until Version 3 (v3), NFT minting, and further details on our 1-click DeFi application.

We will help our friends, our community, Fintech users, and the GOGOnauts (from our NFT venture) join the DeFi revolution, where they can enjoy a fantastic ride into a world of multi-staking yield farms, auto-compounding, smart vaults, and financial freedom!

We extend our thanks to our community for their continuous support! We invite you to participate in our token sale and reap the benefits of being an early adopter of our game-changing platform. For the latest news and updates follow our social channels

Let’s GOGO together to the future of finance!

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GOGOcoin is constructing the most user-friendly open source DeFi protocol for asset management and savings. https://www.gogocoin.io/

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GOGOcoin is constructing the most user-friendly open source DeFi protocol for asset management and savings. https://www.gogocoin.io/